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Glad you're here!

I share what's on my heart and mind. We love embracing life and what comes our way.

I’m an empathetic educator and a passionate leader studying my PhD focused on the equity and empowerment of women around the globe. 

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I’m an entrepreneur inspiring women to follow their dreams, start their businesses, and take action every day through monthly webinars and our exclusive community.

I'm a present and intentional mom and wife, enjoying the gift of each day with my family. I share a lot on our blog about life abroad.


My hope:

May my words encourage those discouraged, may my voice speak up for the voiceless, may my hands help the helpless, may my eyes see beauty in the ordinary, may my heart be filled with thanks, may my days be filled with purpose, may my actions be inspired and may I never stop showing up, for myself and for others.