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Hi, I'm Dominique, a teacher turned entrepreneur and spent the last 4 years learning all about building a business from the beginning!


Did you know many businesses fail within the first few years?

I'm sure, some of it is because of all the overwhelming business jargon that you need to know when starting your business.


So guess what? I did you a huge favor and created a building business cheat sheet as a gift for you!


It's strategically designed to help cut down on your learning curve, so you don't have to go through the many years of having to learn on your own like I had to. Sound good?

Great! Grab your cheat sheet below and I look forward to connecting with you and hearing how else I can help you succeed in your business!


Hi! I'm Dominique Dynes.

Your business and life coach, empowering women to pursue their passions while balancing life, family, and careers.

It's a lot, but we can make our dreams come true.

In our membership community, we dig into different aspects of business each month with experts, 1-1 coaching, and feedback from international women growing businesses to change the world.

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