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At my house, the Terraza is a place where friends gather to clink our glasses, tell our stories, and grow together.

You're invited to "The Terraza"!

An exclusive 5 month membership community for women discovering their dreams and building a business and life they love.

hola, I'm Dominique

I’m an educator turned entrepreneur with two little ones at home. I have a 9-5 job and make time for my passion of empowering other women to follow their dreams through my coaching and community.


I’ve coached women from a variety of fields, (such as hair stylists, interior designers, authors, artists, and therapists), on how to market digitally, scale a business and automate the process to make it less overwhelming.


So in that same spirit of teaching and connecting others, I created “The Terraza Club”, a virtual community for female entrepreneurs.

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What's inside the club?

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Your 5 month program 

In the Terraza Club, we spend 5 months diving deep into business strategy, marketing, and personal development alongside an encouraging community to ensure you’re never feeling alone while building your dream.


Each month we learn from business experts who give us personalized coaching sessions on different business strategies from setting tangible goals, to writing better copy, to growing your email list to social media marketing tactics.


It’s hands-on and created to help you grow your dream or your business with goals that you set and share with the community for accountability and encouragement.

Community Snapshot:

It’s five months of virtual fun and intentional connections to keep us moving forward while growing our dreams.

We connect 3 evenings a month, led by Business Coach Dominique and joined by marketing and business experts teaching us strategies to grow our lists, write better copy, retain our customers, launch our offers, and more with a theme each month.

Best part? You get to join from your house, in your PJs if you want, and with a cold beverage of your choice (sparkling water or white wine is usually what’s in my glass - you do you!). And if life gets busy (which it does) and you can’t make it live - don’t worry it’s all recorded for you!

What are you waiting for? Join us and make your dreams come to life.

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Jude, Somatic Psychotherapist

“This community and the value is definitely worth it. I got so much out of every expert talk and the monthly challenge. Making time for me and my business was so much easier when I knew there was a community backing me up. I took steps I didn’t even know I needed to, I’m excited for what’s to come!”

“Before joining The Terraza club, all I had was an idea. But I had no clue how to turn my idea into a reality or set up a business plan. Now, I have the tools I need to transform my dream into a real business. This community pushed me, encouraged me and I finally took the steps I needed. And the experts - wow! Each month they said something that felt like they were speaking directly to me. This community is a must if you want to grow your business, whether you’re in year 1 or year 5 - join us!”

Jenica, Interior Designer

“The best part of this community is the connection I’ve made with the other women. I joined for the business advice, and I keep going for the community and friends I’ve made along the way. Being an entrepreneur is lonely and the virtual connections are exactly what I need to keep going with my interior design business.”

Kesa, Entrepreneur


5 month  Membership

  • 5 Monthly Challenges

  • 15 Virtual Coaching Calls

  • 5 Expert Webinars 

  • Access to Business Resources and Recordings

Normally $290

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5 month VIP Membership

  • 5 Monthly Challenges

  • 15 Virtual Coaching Calls

  • 5 Expert Webinars 

  • Access to Business Resources and Recordings

  • 3 Personalized 1-1 Coaching Sessions (Value $149 USD)

Normally $440

Upcoming Monthly Themes:


Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs

Avoid Overwhelm and be Present!


Brands don't come in Boxes

How to market yourself


Writing your Marketing Story

How to sell who you are and what you do


Stress Relief and Time Management for Entrepreneurs


Design you Need - How to get customers coming back

Hope to see you here!

Perhaps you’ve been struggling in this solo entrepreneur gig for quite some time and feel alone. Maybe you're feeling discouraged without anyone to talk to who understands.


That’s why The Terraza Club was created - to bring together a community of women building our dreams and looking for a connection with others while learning from experts in the field.

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