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Bring your Dreams to Life while Living Abroad. 

Not sure where to start?

Feeling stuck? Is life just going too fast to figure it out? Maybe moving abroad put the brakes on your dreams? 


I get that.

I am a mom, have a 9-5 job and still make time for me and my dreams while still dealing with real life, AKA my house is often messy as seen in this photo.

I've had so many ideas or things I've wanted to do over the last decade, but never knew where to start and my to-do list always got in my way.

Thanks to some coaching, I realized that I was saying yes to too many things and not saying no enough. So my dreams were always put on hold.

Does that sound familiar?


Invest in yourself and your dreams. You are worthy. Your dreams deserve a chance.

Let me help you get "unstuck" and started with 1-1 coaching today.


Not sure where to start with your dreams and ideas? Let's hop on a complimentary call to see if coaching is a good fit for you! We'll work with your schedule to make sure you have the time.

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What are others saying?

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Malala, Music School Owner

Dominique has helped me reach new customers with referrals and connections through her network. She is always open to brainstorming new ideas for my business.

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Afoma, Makeup Artist

Meeting Dominique changed my entire life in Mexico, she opened up so many doors and new connections for me with my makeup business.

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Jessica, Yoga Instructor

Dominique is the most authentic,  genuinely kind and supportive person I’ve met.  When I came to her with my (wacky) dream she asked questions and helped me dig deeper to have the courage to believe in myself. 

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3 months coaching

Perfect for starting and getting your goals set to reach your dreams.

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6 months coaching

Want to dive deep and make some big changes in your life? This package is for you.

Looking for some community coaching?

Twice a year, EEA (Expat Entrepreneur Alliance) opens its doors.

We are a community of women living abroad, chasing dreams, starting businesses and making time for ourselves.

Get on the waiting list so you can join the fun in July 2021!