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Feeling overwhelmed with all the digital tools you need to make your dreams come true?


I get that.

Technology is constantly changing and it’s hard to know what’s the best tool for our needs.


That’s where I come in and rather than do it for you, I teach you how to pick and use the digital tools to make your life easier when it comes to business and your dreams.


I’m Dominique, an educator, entrepreneur and technology trainer for over a decade helping others achieve their goals with personalized 1-on-1 coaching.


I don't do it for you, but I teach you how to do it.

Let me help you get "unstuck" and started with 1-1 coaching today.


Let's hop on a complimentary call to see if coaching is a good fit for you! We'll work with your schedule to make sure you have the time.

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What are others saying?

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Catherine, Author

After becoming a published author, I was invited to do the keynote masterclass at a conference of several hundred educators. I had never presented virtually, so I immediately reached out to Dominique for coaching. She is a polished virtual presenter who knows the latest trends of presentation media. We streamlined my talking points and slides together. Along with her steady encouragement, this gave me the confidence and polish I needed to be successful. In fact, after the masterclass, I was invited to deliver the keynote for a second, even larger conference and received a large book order for school libraries.

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Jenica, Interior Designer

As an interior designer, I’m good at what I do. I love designing people’s homes and paying attention to the details, but technology overwhelms me and Dominique’s 1/1 coaching has helped me create the task lists I need to move forward as well as teaching me how to run my website and create an opt-in for more leads. Every session I learn something new!

Quiet Desk

One 90-minute session

Let's do a deep dive into one area of your business and technology that is tripping you up.

Examples: Starting a podcast, prepping a keynote, designing a logo, creating a website, setting up appointments

Typing on a Computer

Three 60-minute sessions

In these three sessions, we'll look at your dreams or business starting with where you are at and creating an action list of where we are going next and which technology is best suited to create dynamic change and progress.

Looking for some community coaching?

We are a community of women living around the world, chasing dreams,

starting businesses and making time for ourselves.

Get on the waiting list so you can join the fun next time!

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