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Do More by

Doing Less

A mini-course made for busy women wanting to do more of what you love.

What if you could get more time back in your day?


Do you have dreams but are drowning under the dishes or other people's expectations?

What if you could see exactly how you are spending your time and figure out how to create a life you love?

I've been asking those SAME questions for years!


And that's why I created a 5-step strategy that I use to enjoy my days while working full-time, raising two young kids, and building my own business.


And I still make time for that glass of wine and dancing on the patio every weekend!

The Five Steps




Ever heard yourself say, "I just don't have time for anything else."

How we spend our minutes is how we spend our months, we'll start by tracking our time and challenging ourselves with a new habit.




Do you ever pick up your phone and suddenly an hour has gone by?

Our phones can help us but can also hinder us when it comes to time management. What settings can we change to give us time back?



Still have to make sure your kids get dinner and fit in your full-time job?

We all have some things in our lives that are non-negotiable and we HAVE to get them done. Let's figure out how we can fit it in.


Struggle with how everyone else seems to get it all done and you can't?

In what areas in our lives can have a little more grace with ourselves and our to-do lists? 



Wishing you had a clone? Or someone else to clean the house?

At the end of the day, we can't do it all but we can often ask for more help in certain areas of our schedules. 

I'll walk you through, step by step, how to optimize your day to get more done.

Yours for Only $39

Price goes back up to $72 on  January 1, 2022

Cheers my dear,

nice to meet you.

I'm Dominique.

An educator, a mom and an entrepreneur.

I've been working in education for 15 years and am passionate about coaching women to grow wherever they've been planted.

I love hearing people's stories and talking about habits, time management and women empowerment on my podcast.

These 5 steps are what I created and follow to chase my dreams, work a full-time job, raise my kids and raise my glass to other women doing the same!

Let's get more time back in your day.

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