Women Empowering Women Webinars

Every woman has a story.

Every woman can learn from one another

and inspire others with her story.

Guadalajara is filled with an international community of entrepreneurs, experts, families and women pursuing growth.

So join us to connect, learn and dream together once a month.

More details below.

Upcoming webinars:

All webinars will be recorded if you are unable to make it live or prefer to watch it at a later time.

Expat Entrepreneur Alliance has launched!

Ideal for : Women living abroad and running or dreaming of a business!

As a working mom who is constantly working on my dreams and side passions, I want to empower other entrepreneurs by connecting you to the right experts to start your business, make your dreams come true and grow your market.

Each month we'll be inviting guest experts to teach and share with us as we share our good days and bad days and grow our markets!


Why connect?

During Covid, I know that we have all been hungry for social connections and many of us within our Guadalajara community are budding entrepreneurs with various side gigs and projects. And if you aren’t pursuing a business, perhaps you are interested in developing a new skill or learning from others.