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Date Night

One of the best things we've done as a couple in the last two years since having kids has been making "DATE NIGHT" a priority. One night a week we spend going out. Whether it's to the movies, out to eat, out dancing or the nights we can't find a sitter, we will order in some yummy food and spend intentional time together.

This has been seriously such a blessing to our marriage. Relationships are hard work. Throw a kid into the mix and it's almost impossible. We had no idea until we had our son 3 years ago and our fun-loving and night-life heavy relationship brought out the worst in us as we weren't getting any sleep and our son was very colicky for the first few months. (Lavender helped us out!)

After a year of struggling to figure out us as a couple since it seemed like being parents took all of our energy and time, we knew we weren't gonna make it as a couple unless we both started making more time for each other. We needed to start enjoying one another again rather than comparing who got more sleep the night before.

Enter DATE NIGHT - something so simple yet so important. It seriously has become our favorite night of the week. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE our children. But we know at the end of the day, our kids will grow up and it's gonna be him and me. Together. So we want to enjoy it.

That's why we make it a point to pay for a baby-sitter once a week and get out of the house. Keep the romance alive and have fun! Last week we got lucky and we had 2 date nights!

Our first was at one of our favorite restaurants - the food is amazing, the margaritas yummy and the atmosphere is super Mexi - it's def one of our "repeat restaurants".

Our favorite restaurant: Taquieros

The second one I was completely dreading since it started at 11pm. I love going to bed early and getting up early before the kids the next day. But every once in awhile, it's worth paying your nanny to stay the night and go out late to get your dancing fix. And this time, to my surprise, we ended up going out with some really good friends and danced the night away! So worth it - and worth paying the nanny to stay the night. ;)


A date night out dancing with friends

So the point of this is that DATE NIGHT is worth it - And believe it or not, there's some essential oils that can help DATE NIGHT out....first and foremost is one of my favorite aromatherapy oils - called Passion. It's a great perfume as it comes in a touch roller and easy to keep in your purse.

Here are some other recipes I usually share around Valentine's Day - but hey, love should be celebrated all year round so enjoy these recipes and get your Date Night scheduled people - it's totally worth the time, money and energy....everyone involved ends up much happier!


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