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Licking the Floor

Anybody else have kids who lick the floor?

Yes, I’m being serious.

My son loved licking the floor and my daughter is following in his footsteps.

There’s something that is disgusting about licking the floor. Obviously. All the shoes that have walked in “who knows what” outside are now all over our floor inside the house.

And our little ones, aka the most precious people ever, are then taking their tongues and tasting all that s*** that’s all over the floor.

Your first reaction may be wash that floor with as much bleach, pinol, chemicals as you can to get it sparkly clean.

But wait! What happens when my baby then licks up all those chemicals?! Yuck

And that is why, my friends, we use essential oils to CLEAN OUR HOUSE.

Yes, you heard me you can clean the house with nature’s gift to us – essential oils!

They not only smell great, they are super effective! And it’s awesome because you can choose how you want your house (and your floors) to smell!

Here’s one example of a recipe:

So maybe you’re wondering, “Which are the best essential oils to use while cleaning?”

Best Essential Oils to Use While you are Cleaning your House:

1. Lemon

2. Lime

3. Grapefruit

4. Wild Orange

5. Melaleuca

6. Thyme

7. Rosemary

8. Oregano

9. Citrus Bliss

10. On Guard

11. Purify

Cleaning your house with essential oils goes way beyond just keeping those floors clean, you can take care of your bathroom, your dirty dishes, your laundry, your kitchen counters….you can do it ALL! Stay tuned for the next post on making your own laundry soap!

And for a sneak peek at other awesome cleaning tips provided by doTERRA, check out these 11 DIY recipes!

Remember, we all start with one step, one drop at time so get out that lemon oil or whichever you prefer and enjoy your clean house, feel free to even LICK YOUR FLOOR!

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