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Seeing the mountains

Every time I get on the bus and go to another school in another city, I'm awestruck by the scenery along the way. Mexico is beautiful. It's full of mountains, valleys, cacti, palm trees, rivers, agave, flowers and so much more that often gets forgotten when one lives in a bustling city of 4.5 million people.

I spent a couple days in Aguascalientes coaching at a school the week before vacation. I got to go into classrooms and help teachers use the Chromebooks in all the rooms and even teach some of the classes.

This school in particular has an enormous campus with space for 8 soccer fields and off in the distance you see the majestic mountains surrounding the city. It's absolutely breathtaking and hard to fully capture in a photo.

If you look off to the right, you can see the mountains.

As someone who likes to think and reflect on all the things, a "thinker" according to Adobe's Creative Test (Find out your creative type here), I couldn't help but marvel at the irony. Over the last few months I've been struggling with fulfillment and enjoying my day-to-day routines. Sure, I post photos of all the happy moments but I haven't really been loving life overall. I've been looking for the next best thing or trying to essentially figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

Yet trying to pursue another option that I thought would make me happy turned out it wasn't the right choice. Being valued and knowing your own worth is vital and I turned down an opportunity. Since saying "no" to what I thought was the temporary answer for my happiness, I've been so grateful for my day-to-day, from the crazy, exhausting moments of parenting to the tedious parts of my job that aren't always well defined.

And the week in Aguascalientes was confirmation that I can have fun in my job. Coaching is great! I loved working with the teachers and the students and having those moments I used to have as a teacher.

In my Uber from the bus station to my house, the most amazing sunset I've seen in a long time manifested itself right over our city. And off in the distance I could see the mountains that surround Guadalajara.

It's funny. Sometimes it takes getting out of the routine or in this case out of the city to appreciate what you already have at home.

Hard to capture the beautiful sunset out the Uber window.

Now that vacation is over and life returns to normal today, I'm grateful for the daily grind and the opportunity to keep working and growing where I am.

I'm thankful for the mountains that surround Guadalajara and the reminder that there is beauty all around when you're willing to see it and appreciate what you already have.


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