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Some Days Are Long

I wouldn't change life for a minute, I love so many things about my life. And there are so many times during the day I think "Wow, is this for real?" whether I'm looking at our 3 year old playing with his trucks in the sand or watching our 9 month old pulling herself up to stand and becoming more independent. Or even when my husband and I get a chance to catch our breaths with the chaos in our house and we can just smile or laugh at how lucky we are.

And we are so lucky. I know that. And I am so thankful.

Yet, I'm not gonna lie, there are days that are long. Particularly in this season of life it's thanks to the 3 year old and his new antics everyday. Whether he's pushing the chair over to the cupboard to take out the glass cups, taking out every spice we own and opening them, "accidentally" hitting his baby sister with a plastic baseball bat or choosing to be a "baby" because he feels as though his sister gets more attention, he is exhausting.

Our nights have been long thanks to our 9 month old who has been traveling a ton (that's my fault), got a little sick and is having a hard time settling down at night.

And when the days and nights feel long, this Mama goes a little bit crazy.

Anybody else relate? I've found that for me, I need an hour each day for me, (which given the circumstances of having two littles at home is a little difficult these days.) For me, that hour can only be found if I choose to set my alarm at 4:45 in the mornings. (confession: let's be real, I set 3 alarms 4:45, 4:50, 4:55...on really tired days I may set more.)

I know not everyone is a morning person, but having that extra hour (sometimes longer....just that my kids have decided to also be early risers) in the mornings makes me a better person. I'm a happier mom, better wife and overall calmer person if I spend an hour a day by myself focusing on me and doing some personal development. (There'll be a blog coming on all the amazing books and podcasts I'm learning from these days!)

Over the summer, I had this view to myself!

In this season of life, which I know will pass quickly, the days do feel really long. And I need to make sure that I'm taking care of myself while I'm juggling so many other responsibilities throughout the day.

So here's to the other Mama's out there, seeking a bit of sanity in the chaos - you got this!

And just for the record, my morning routine always includes a strong cup of coffee and some wild orange doterra essential oil in my diffuser. Cheers!

Not a morning person? Get some essential oils in your life to help you wake up. :)

My morning routine: coffee and diffusing citrus oils


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