A weekend in Tapalpa

Ever get tired of the traffic, the honks, the busy pace of the city? Even in the middle of a pandemic, I’m still shocked about how much noise comes through my window while I’m on daily Zoom meetings working from home.

We had a long weekend in Guadalajara and decided we needed to escape the busy city for just a couple nights. One of the closest getaways for us is a quaint little town in the mountains called Tapalpa.

Tapalpa literally means “Land of Colors” and it’s a beautiful place in the mountains, filled with dozens of cabins nestled among the pine trees and wildflowers.

We’ve gone to Tapalpa a few times over the years and have found a few hidden treasures that I’d love to share with you here, whether you’re traveling as a family, with kids or on your own.

Renting a Cabin

There are so many different cabins to choose from, we’ve stayed in a few different ones over the years, but our favorite little cabins are found in a place just a few blocks from the cathedral and on the road to “Las Piedrotas”. These cabins are in a gated little area and each has its own porch and fireplace. The walls of these cabins are made out of a substance with mud and hay, it’s super nature-friendly and feels rustic. While these are our favorite cabins and you can book cabins from 1-4 bedrooms here, there’s a website with tons of other options as well.

Whatsapp Number to book these cabins (33-33-68-24-40)

Also, we highly recommend buying “leña" or firewood as you see it in the city. Usually the cabins provide you one set, but you’ll want more than one, especially if you’re staying a couple nights. We used 4 on this trip and we were there two nights.

Las Piedrotas

The most iconic image of Tapalpa is the huge pile of rocks in the middle of a field surrounded by mountains. There are many legends about these rocks and how they got there and they really are quite impressive when you go and see them in person. One legend says the rocks were formed due to a strong river that existed thousands of years ago, another states that the rocks are fragments of meteorites that all struck this same spot. Many people believe that the rocks have a strong energy and come to be rejuvenated by this natural phenomenon.

You can climb all over them, take some fun pictures and even do a zipline now from one to the other. Ten years ago, you just entered through a gate put up for the livestock and there were hardly any people around, now it’s become more of a touristy hot spot with a few restaurants and vendors selling local artisan items and micheladas.

The parking lot costs $20 pesos.

Horseback Riding

Around the piedrotas, just as there are vendors selling crafts and tequila, there are local cowboys or ranch hands who bring their horses to the rocks. You can pay $100 pesos for a ride around the rocks and the surrounding area. This was definitely a highlight for our city kids (ages 2 & 5) on our most recent trip. A guide takes you around and the horses seem to already know the path as they cross the river and graze on some of the grass that the cows are eating in the surrounding fields.

El Salto del Nogal

If you’re into hiking and exploring hidden paths, there’s an amazing waterfall not too far away from Tapalpa. We’ve done this hike a couple times and it’s worth all the sweat and hard work climbing back up the trails.