Books that carried me in 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

As always, I love sharing what I’m learning and how I’m trying to pursue growth each year. Hope this list resonates with you and gives you some direction into the New Year! I've split them up by genre, you'll easily see which books I read the most of each year.

Happy Reading friends.

The links I’ve included are affiliate links on Amazon, which means if you purchase a book through one of these links, I’ll get a few cents from that purchase. Just as I love supporting small businesses, I trust you do as well.

Personal Development Books (these are my jam!)

1. Untamed by Glennon Doyle

This book was my TOP book for 2020. Seriously, I talked about it all the time on the podcast this year if you missed it. Glennon writes from a place of vulnerability, strength and courage reminding all of us women that we were not born to be quiet and selfless. It’s about letting go of our shame, our fear and living authentically as she says as “god-damn cheetahs”....seriously if you haven’t picked this one up - you need to read it!

Here’s an excerpt from one of my Instagram posts about this book:

We are all born dreamers. It's often the world and those around us that condition us women to play it safe, not be too loud and be just good enough.

But what if those "crazy ideas" we dream about or idealize in a "different world" were actually what we were meant to do, be or follow?

What if we stopped listening to the directions that others have given us to live safe and quiet lives and instead followed our hearts? Not ignoring our desires, but embracing them.

It has so many nuggets of truth that speak directly to my heart and women around the world as she encourages us to stop living tamed and selfless lives in cages as society has so conditioned us to live, and rather to start listening to our imagination, our dreams and desires.

2. Fierce, Free and Full of Fire by Jen Hatmaker

This book goes hand in hand with untamed, Jen Hatmaker’s perspective, humor and ability to connect to her readers is something I so appreciate as a reader. Here’s my IG post that I wrote about this book. Check out the full blog post I wrote as well.

The world is quick to tell us as women how much space we are allowed to take up, which tables we are allowed to sit at and when we have permission to use our voices.

Our culture still relies so much on the supporting role that women play to keep the wheels spinning but still silences our voices when we show up and live fully.

Growing up in a traditional church built on the shoulders of patriarchy, I never understood how I could dream and be ambitious if I was only allowed to reach a certain level of success deemed appropriate by the standards set by men in leadership.

People are quick to silence or make us feel small when we speak up. I’ve experienced it many times over the years, but it doesn’t mean I stop showing up.

The world needs us to keep going, taking up space and speaking up. Hopefully by cheering one another one on along the journey to acceptance, we’ll empower and encourage others.

I believe with every fiber of my being that we are stronger together, that living out our truth, passions, and unashamed of our gifts will create a more beautiful and secure community. We need each other. And need to be lifting others up along the way.

Read the rest on the blog post. And huge thanks to @jenhatmaker and countless other women who are paving the way and showing us how to take up space without feeling shame.