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Taking Action. Enough is enough.

It’s the unthinkable, yet been sickenly normalized.

It only happens in the USA.

The country of freedom, of rights, of liberty.

The country that so many flee to, running away from political strife, wars, hunger, and poverty.

And yet, our country is broken.

Oh so broken.

At what point did the lives of children stop mattering to politicians?

At what point did protecting your own damn right to hold a firearm be more important than saving your own daughter, grandson, or neighbor?

As a mom, I’m terrified and feel so broken.

We just moved our family from Mexico after 15 years of living abroad, where we loved our lives. Is any country safe or perfect? Hell no, but you know the first time I’ve had to have a real conversation about school shootings was this year. My seven-year-old came home and told me they had to hide in their classroom and the teacher had to lock the door in case a bad guy came. How do I even logically explain this to him? That school, a place that we send him every day, a place that by law he must go is a space that may not be safe.

Maybe it’s because I’m so new at this. Maybe someone else has figured out the words to explain to your babies that an entire country, supposedly the best country in the world, lets children die and doesn’t do a damn thing about it.

As a teacher, I’m furious.

How dare you even joke or suggest that arming me would be the right answer? Shame on you. Let me teach. Let me share books that have the power to change the world. Let me show students that empathy and social justice are values to live by. Let me help shape the future decision makers of this country, because, politicians, you’re not doing us any good in that regard.

As a human, I’m sad.

I’m so sad that this is where we’re at. That more children die every year by gunfire in this country than any other reason. What a ridiculous, “first-world” problem we have on our hands. As kids, we learned about cause and effect in school. We were taught about consequences for actions. It’s seems pretty obvious what’s happening here.

As a person who loves Jesus, I’m devastated and ashamed.

This isn’t the way we love our neighbors. There is nowhere in the Bible that talks about protecting rights to firearms. That is pure BS if anybody claims that the second amendment is biblical. Yet, so many have turned this into a political/religious battle.

There is plenty of scripture that talks about loving others and passages that commend the pure innocent love that children have. Our children deserve better. Our schools deserve better. Generations before us have failed our children.

Yet, this is where we are.

I’m fed up. Enraged. Distraught. Scared. Hopeless.

And I and countless other moms are done with this. Enough is enough. I’ve never called a politician before. It scares me. But losing my own kids or standing by and watching my neighbors lose theirs, is scarier.

So here’s how I’m doing something today - I called and emailed my representatives - thanks to @emilyinyourphone on Instagram and the script she provided:

“Hello my name is __________________ and I live in ____________________..

Assault weapons should not be easily accessible in America. Assault weapons have one purpose: to kill as many people as possible in as short an amount of time as possible. That’s why they are the weapon of choice for mass shooters and domestic terrorists. They are weapons of war and do not belong in our communities.

I ask you to do everything you can to make sure the federal assault weapons ban becomes law. In the House it’s bill H.R. 698 and in the Senate S.25.

Thank you”

I found my representatives using a quick Google search and you can find yours too.

Some other helpful resources:

@sharonsaysso on Instagram is a great resource to learn more about ways to take action towards making change in our government

An activist organization started by a mom of a student killed in a school shooting.

Every Town for Gun Safety

Giffords - fighting for gun safety

Don’t wait for someone else to take action.

Make a difference today.

Save the lives of children today, because the generation before us is not making it happen and it’s time we use our voices and our votes to make a change in this country.


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